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Single Basket Deep Fat Fryer MAG-1B

Single Basket Deep Fat Fryer MAG-1B

Single  basket deep fryer is a 2 tube single tank fryer. its capacity is 16 liters oil. It is gas fired and has electronic thermostatic control. Auto cutoff. Its best fryer chicken, nuggets, fish, fries, zinger etc. It is made of food grade stainless steel non magnetic sheet. It has imported burners and is used on LPG or Natural gas.

Use of oil thermometer

For a Single basket deep fryer correct temperatures are necessary for creating the best-fried foods. Therefore, the use of oil thermometer is advised, even on built-in thermostat machine. This technique will guarantee a perfect cook. Usually, all the fried meals require the temperature of 360° Fahrenheit.

Maintaining the right temperatures

After the food is cooked in the oil cooker. There won’t be much oil left in the food. So, it is necessary to keep the temperature somewhere in between 325°F and 400°F.
Temperatures above 400°F will cause even the most high smoke point oil to smoke.

Sealing the food

Foods that are deep fried in single basket deep fryer are kept in batter to protect and seal their juices.
Since water and oil don’t mix, the foods inherent moisture would create a barrier against the oil that it is immersed in.
To fuse the oil into food, you need to cook them at high temperatures

Food drainage

The conventional method of draining oil from foods is wiping the oil with tissues or paper bags but the more efficient way is to use the cooling rack.
The rack will allow the oil to drain from the foods from top to bottom and will help the foods remain crispy as they won’t be sitting in their own drained oil.
Before you cook the next batch, warm your oven with low heat and put your cooked food in it so that they will stay warm.


Model MAG-1B

Name: single basket

Basket: 2kgx1

Temperature: 50°c- 200°c

Capacity: 7.5 ltr

Heating: gas

Size: 12″x30″x36″

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