Collection: Electric Deck Ovens

Electric Deck Ovens:

Add greater efficiency and cooking capacity to your pizza shop by choosing this electric pizza oven with digital control panel! Boasting 170,000 BTU in total and (2) 10″ high baking compartments, this oven offers you the ability to cook up to (8) 14″ pizzas or (18) 10″ pizzas per compartment. With the convenient, double deck design, you can even cook two different products simultaneously. Thanks to its Ultra Rokite stone deck, no matter what you’re baking will have a deliciously crispy crust because of its even heating and moisture-absorbing properties. And, with counterbalanced doors and spring assist, you’ll have an easy time transferring products to and from the oven’s cooking cavity, while also drastically reducing the potential for burns or injuries to the operator.

For optimal temperature retention and energy conservation, this oven features vitreous fiber insulation at the top, back, sides, bottom, and doors. The baking compartment is lined with aluminized steel and is supported by a strong angle iron frame for durability. The free-floating duplex tube burners provide reliable, even heating. Their doors are easy to open for ignition, cleaning, or maintenance.

The snap throttle thermostats have a temperature range of 300-650 degrees Fahrenheit each, and for the security of you and your employees, the safety pilot, temperature control are located on the front of the unit. Plus, a draft diverter is included to safely ventilate hazardous fumes and exhaust. The stainless steel front, sides, and top allow for ease of cleaning, resilience, and increased corrosion resistance. For added convenience, the 12″ legs raise the unit to a more comfortable working height, which provides the necessary clearance you need for top performance. If you are in need of a sturdy, dependable oven for your pizza shop.