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Western Bain Marie JUS-TRB40

Western Bain Marie JUS-TRB40

Enjoy hot, freshly-prepared food with the Western Bain Marie JUS-TRB40. Featuring Mughal electric, this food warmer is the perfect appliance for hotels and restaurants. With its energy- efficient design, it quickly heats to the desired temperature and keeps food at the ideal serving temperature.


Model:  JUS-TRB40

Size: 400x650x475mm

Height of Working Table: 335mm

Working Capacity or tank:6litr

Gas Pressure(pa): 2800 to 3700

Power/BTU: 3.7+4.5/12625

Drainage Outlet Size: R1/2"

Gas Inlet Size: R1/2"

Weight(Kg): 22

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