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Paan Ice Cream Machine FRY-24

Paan Ice Cream Machine FRY-24

Revolutionary Fry Pan Ice Cream Machine concept to serve healthy, natural ice cream on a freezing cold ” pan “.Tastes and ingredients can be customized. Make ice cream from scratch right before your own eyes. with water draining hole, easy to clean.

We all know what is ice-cream machine but the Pan ice cream machine or tawa ice cream machine is a different thing. It is originated from the recipe called Thai frozen dessert or Thai fried ice cream. It is made by mixing milk with eggs and various chopped fruits and freezing them on ice pan as a thin layer of sweetness.

It is all made possible by the Pan Ice Cream machine. This machine’s features are:

The freezing surface is made of best food grade stainless steel.

Made with thermal insulation organism.

A user-friendly operating system so it is easy to operate.

The best in class compressors deliver life-long service and performance.

Fitted with the best of the best copper without any impurities to make sure that there are no electrical malfunctions.

A powerful fan that cools down the compressor.

Ultra freezing, to freeze the contents on the surface as fast as possible.

It enhances the flavor and retains the nutrition of the contents.

Different cooling temperatures to make different types of ice-cream like soft, hard, muddy, slushy, icy and smoothy.



Model: FRY-24

Dimension: 24″ x 24″ x 36″

Voltage: 220 volts 50 Hz

Power: 0.8 KW

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