Collection: Refrigerated Equipment


Refrigerated equipment plays a vital role in any kitchen. In simple words, it is a back bone of a kitchen. The entire raw is stored in refrigeration systems to prevent it from any damage. It is very necessary for a chef to serve out orders on time and for that he/she need a ready n fresh raw material.

Mughal Refrigeration System

Mughal Electric provide a vast range of commercial use refrigeration equipment. Here, it is best know that which cuisine or which kitchens requires the best equipment.


We have categorized our equipment. Therefore, from their size to their usage we have every solution.

  • Single door chiller/freezer
  • Double door chiller/freezer
  • Four door partial chiller & freezer
  • Glass door chiller
  • Under counter chillers
  • Pizza topping table with under counter chiller
  • Salad bar
  • Sushi bar
  • Cake display chillers

Well that’s all standards, custom made equipment is our favorite task.

World Climate Obedience & Health Conscious:

Our entire refrigeration are climate friendly. They are all against Cfc free. Similarly, our entire range is purely made of 304 non magnet food grade stainless steel .